VEPR Pilot

We welcome you to the Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review (VEPR), an innovative professional development and accountability concept based on reflective practice and peer review systems. The VEPR is aligned with the EES Capabilities Framework and the professionalisation goals of the Global Evaluation Agenda.

To undergo a VEPR review, an application form is completed in which the applicant identifies practice areas they wish to focus on in the review, to build particular skills and competencies. Two accredited peer reviewers are selected, who have experience relevant to the practice areas selected by the particular reviewee. Reviewers must not have a conflict of interest in relation to the reviewee, and must be agreed to by the reviewee. The ‘Lead Reviewer’ liaises with the applicant to support the reviewee’s development of a ‘portfolio’  describing their selected practice issues, which are explored further in a 90 minute review meeting. A short report of the review is compiled by the reviewee and reviewers in collaboration. All three parties must agree to the final draft. In the case of a ‘satisfactory’ review, the reviewee’s name is listed in a VEPR Review Index. The reviewee will be invited, optionally, to have their report attached to their report on the VEPR website.

You can read more about professionalization goals and processes of the VEPR in the short concept document (listed below).

 Here are some quotes from evaluation practitioners who have piloted the VEPR system. (authorized statements):

“I highly appreciate the first chance ever to discuss my professionalism and fields of doubts in an open, but safe environment.”  Weronika Felcis.

“I appreciated the good facilitation by the Lead Reviewer, the willingness of both reviewers to offer ideas from their own experience, and the general collegiality of the discussion.”  Pam Oliver

“The ideas and inputs are not only helpful for me but can be taken into use by my unit. The VEPR is leading to both individual and institutional learning. How beneficial it is to share, work together – and also fun!” Ritta Oksanen

“I feel that I have benefitted on both a personal and company level.”  William Faulkner

If you are interested in taking part in the VEPR Pilot, please contact the Coordinator at [email protected]

Click here to view the VEPR Pilot Evaluation Report