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Introduction of the Project 

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Despite making great strides in terms of broadening its appeal and implementing its ideas, impact investment is constrained by the lack of a common language to measure its successes and overcome its obstacles, argues Reagan Ronald Ojok, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Uganda Development Bank Limited.

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National Evaluation Capacities Conference 2019 - "Leaving no one behind: Evaluation for 2030"

Session 14 - How can a new generation of evaluators transform evaluation?

Moderator: Mariana Branco (IEG, World bank)

Speakers: Aman Ali (Pakistan); Dariia Oharova (Ukraine), Rafael Hernandez (Mexico); Sasha Jahic (IEO UNDP), Ana Jovanovska (Macedonia)

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Applying QCA to sampling? Pros and Cons.

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M&E in Portuguese Speaking Countries: moving the agenda forward



What do you know about Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in Lusophone countries, that is, countries where Portuguese is an official language?


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Peer-to-Peer Career Advisory Sessions for Young and Emerging Evaluators

A partnership between yEES!, IDEAS Emerging Evaluators, and Eval Youth LAC


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The European Evaluation Society (EES) and ICF are organising on 4 July 2019, for the third time, a peer-to-peer event dedicated to evaluation and impact assessment under the Better Regulation guidelines. The event is aimed at Commission and Agency staff working on or interested in evaluations, impact assessments and fitness checks, and evaluation specialists, to exchange experiences, good practices and lessons learned.

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European Evaluation Society Biannual conference – is it worth to participate?

By Olha Krasovska (Ukraine)

Sometimes it is better to make a decision having less information. Sounds strange? Maybe, but here I’m talking about my personal experience of participation in the European Evaluation Society Biannual conference in Thessaloniki.