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Gender+ Forum: Incorporation of a gender and intercultural perspective in VOPEs

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Gender+ Forum: Incorporation of a gender and intercultural perspective in VOPEs

Dear colleagues,

Let’s start our Gender+ Forum today! This forum is understood as a way of thinking together about how to integrate a gender+ perspective in our Voluntary Organizations for Professional. This exercise will strengthen our institutional capacities, helping evaluation professionals and policy makers to be aware of the need to implement gender responsive evaluations.

Due to our expert background in gender equality and evaluation, the Gender+ Forum is an excellent opportunity for sharing ideas and analyzing how to include gender+ issues in their organizational culture and practice. This will be one of the most important input for our EvalPartners project and will be presented in the RELAC Conference focused on gender, diversity and human rights (Cali, September) and in the EES Conference (Dublin, October). Additionally, our participation will be recognized in the publication of the “Guidelines for including a gender+ perspective in VOPEs”.

A gender+ perspective intends to combine interculturality and intersectionality approaches to strengthen equity and gender responsive evaluations. Let’s start today the first debate about gender+ perspective and evaluation. We invite you to share with all of us your ideas and experiences about the main challenges when we want to integrate a gender+ perspective in evaluation. We will be discussing about them until next 30th June. After that, we will summarize your ideas and will open a new discussion.

Looking forward to reading your contributions!

Warm regards,