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Special issue of "Evaluation Connections"

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Special issue of "Evaluation Connections"

Last year we started the preparatory work on a special issue of "Evaluation Connections" in Evaluating Sustainable Development. Each contribution will be 1-2 pages long and in total about 12 papers are needed. We suggest the contributions to either focus on a specific field of practice (e.g. Evaluating SD in structural funds), specific methods (e.g. Challenges of Evaluating SD in utilization focused evaluations) or evaluation cultures (e.g. Evaluating SD in China).

By now we have the following confirmed contributions:

Andre Martinuzzi (Vienna University of Economics and Business):
Challenges, practices and communities in evaluating SD

Peter Hardi (Central European University Business School):
Ensuring high quality of SD evaluations

Wolfgang Meyer (CEval, Saarland University):
Evaluating SD in development cooperation

Benoit Simon (Planet Publique):
Regional management and SD evaluation

Andrea Ricci (ISIS):
Evaluating SD in RTD programmes

Bob Williams:
Systemic SD evaluation

There is still room for your contribution.

Under this forum topic we can discuss the special issue and you can add your suggestions here.

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Special Issue

Hi Andre, hi everybody,

Are you still in this project? Hope everything is fine and we will suceed in writting such a special issue of Connections



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Special issue

Dear colleagues,

In case the project is indeed still ongoing and open, I would like to ask if a contribution along the following lines is seen as relevant, or is too remote.

(I am asking from the point of view of a transport researcher who is focused on sustainability (assessment, indicators etc) and interested in evaluation, but not as a professional evaluator or SD evaluator).

Sectoral SD evaluation with transport as a case

Even if SD is a holistic, cross- sectoral concept, sustainability must arguably be integrated in sectoral policies to obtain sufficient influence in policy making, which is often (regrattebly) sectorized. To varying extent this has happened across sectors (energy, transport, agcriculture),  and across policy levels (EU, national, local) through or example sectoral sustainability strategies, policies, and goals. Transport is an example of a policy sector where this has occured to some degree (via EU White Papers on Sustainable Mobility, National Sustainable Transport Policies, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans etc). To the extent that results of such strategies are evaluated it mostly takes plave via sets of indicators or performance measures, either in dedicated 'sustainable transport' indicator sets or as sector chapters in general sustainability indicator reports (like Eurostat's, or national or city ones). There may be a need to develop a more comprehensive concept for sustainability evaluation at the sector level, beyond indicator based reporting, and the transport sector could be a particular case in point, due to this sectors generally weak traditions for conducting any kind of evaluations (compared to the abundance of ex ante assessment studies). The article would discuss the need for / relevance of sectoral SD evaluation, some possible approaches and challenges, using transport policy as the case.






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Hello everyone, I am a new member to EES (in the Czech Republic now) but an 'old' :) (experienced) evaluator.

I would like to submit an article on evaluating self-sustainability, along the lines of this blog I wrote based on Ethiopia fieldwork last year.

Please advise. Thank you! 

Jindra Cekan/ova

Jindra Cekanova Jindra Cekanova's picture
Submission for Evaluation Connections?

Dear Mr./Dr. Martinuzzi-

Please advise whether the following is sufficient for the journal submission. Thank you. Also amounts can be converted to Euros, please advise. 

Thank you!