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First virtual meeting of the TWG

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First virtual meeting of the TWG

Dear all,

The TWG for Emerging Evaluators will hold its first meeting online, using WebEx, on Monday, February 23 at 19:00h Central European Time. The tentative agenda is as follows:

1. Introductions and welcome

2. Presentation of work done so far and proposed work plan for 2015 by TWG leaders

3. Proposals for other initiatives by TWG members

4. Distribution of tasks: who does what.

5. AOB/Closing

If you have not been included in any email exchanges on this meeting so far, but would like to join, please contact us by email: and and we will add you to our mailing list!

We look forward to "meeting" plenty of emerging evaluators!

All the best,

Albine & Julia

TWG co-leaders