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Follow up to virtual conference and next TWG meeting

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Follow up to virtual conference and next TWG meeting

Dear all,

The First Virtual Conference of Emerging Evaluators, which took place on 19 September was a challenge and a success at the same time - and above all a big learning experience for all involved. In the name of the organizing team, I would like to thank everyone who contributed and attended!

For those who were not able to make it: Most of the presentations as well as the recording of the closing panel are now available on the conference website:

We want to keep the momentum going and warmly invite you to attend our next TWG meeting, which will be held online, using WebEx. If you are interested to attend, please fill in this Doodle poll:

Topics of the meeting will include the follow-up on some concrete ideas for emerging evaluators initiatives that were discussed at the conference, a first brainstorming on the TWG's involvement at the next EES conference in Maastricht 2016 and the future functioning of the TWG.

I hope to see many of you there!



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Thanks for sharing

Thank you for consultation on TWG meeting.