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Flagship Symposia

Join Our Flagship Symposia!

For the first time this year, we are introducing Flagship Symposia – one on each day of the conference. One of our Flagship Symposium is the one on the revision of the OECD DAC Criteria. Many evaluators working in the field of development and beyond are already aware of the recent debates about the need to update the Criteria. This Symposium includes members of the DAC and other stakeholders to discuss the findings of the on-going consultations.

Greek fires


The EES expresses its closenness to the people of Greece at this very tragic juncture.

We share your sorrow for the lives that were lost, but we trust that Greece will once again show how a big crisis will lead to increased common knowledge on prevention, reactivity, and reconstruction. We hope that the work on evaluation for more resilient societies that EES and Hellenike evaluation society will be doing during the 2018 Conference will be useful.

Dia-blogging: New opportunities – Evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Riitta Oksanen is the President of the EES. She works as a senior advisor at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Development Evaluation Unit. In this post Riitta diablogues with André Martinuzzi who is founding director of the Institute for Managing Sustainability at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (

The EES Professionalization Agenda: Myths and Realities

There is no ‘immaculate conception’ in the birth of a profession.  Professionalization is driven by the collective exertions of a cohesive occupational group competing in the public arena. Thus, medicine triumphed over homeopathy. Psychiatry took over the terrain of personal relationships previously occupied by the clergy. Accountants fought their way from book keeping and cost accounting to management advisory services.


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