TWG 5 - Emerging Evaluators

TWG 5 - Emerging Evaluators

Democratic societies depend on the representation and participation of their members. Yet few organizations truly include the voices of stakeholders—particularly those of youth—in decision making and evaluation[1].

At the EES Conference in Dublin 2014, a group of young delegates decided to set up a new thematic working group (TWG) of EES for young and new evaluators, under the name of “Emerging Evaluators”. The active participation of emerging evaluators will contribute to the success of EES initiatives, bringing new perspectives and new ideas into the community of European evaluators.


The TWG aims at a better representation of young and new evaluators within EES. Its purpose is essentially to:

  • bring the ideas and perspectives of emerging evaluators into the work of EES through active engagement in the ongoing activities of the society and by starting initiatives that cater to the specific needs and interests of young and new evaluators;
  • promote a stronger interaction of new and experienced members of EES as well as different generations of evaluators, providing a platform where young and/or new evaluators can discuss and meet with more experienced colleagues;
  • connect young/new evaluation professionals and researchers across Europe through online discussions and collaboration on projects of shared interest.

The TWG also offers an occasion to work with and support EES in order to achieve the association’s goals, and has the ambition to be the voice of young evaluators in Europe.

For some people who are new to evaluation, the TWG may become a first point of access to the work of EES. There is no age limit. Anyone new to the evaluation field, including students, young professionals, and those who have recently come to evaluation from other disciplines is welcome to join the TWG.



TWG Leaders

Julia Brümmer, Mariana Branco